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Servicing Austin and surrounding areas, I've curated a list of all my favorite locations. If you have a location in mind that isn't on this page, let me know! I'm always up for new adventures. Take a look around, and click the pin drop below any location to see where it's located on Google Maps.

McKinny Falls State Park

ABOUT: McKinny Falls is a beautiful park with several great photoshoot locations. I mostly stick to the Lower Falls area as it's the first parking lot once you enter the park. There is a day pass fee ($6/adult) that you need to book in advance. Sometimes spots are available day of, it all just depends on the season. This is a great location if you want some water in the background as the riverbed here rarely dries up fully.

Bull Creek District Park

ABOUT: Bull Creek District Park has recently become one of my favorite locations. The parking lot may seem unassuming, but past the green little park are, there's a beautiful rock bed. Depending on the season and recent rainfall, there may be water in the creek. That said, even without water, it's a stunning place for photos. The beautiful hill-country rock formations encompass this area, which is also surrounded by beautiful and lush trees.

Stagecoach Park

ABOUT: I may be biased because I live in Buda, but Stagecoach Park truly has it all: with a big, beautiful pond, open fields, lush trees, walking paths, and so much more. It's open almost year around (only closing in December for a free trail of lights). I often do my holiday mini shoots here while working with the Buda red truck co. This is a great place if you want a wide variation in your photos since the location has so many different spots to offer.

Brushy Creek Lake Park

ABOUT: Up in Cedar Park, Brushy Creek Lake Park is a favorite of all Austin area photographers. Its expansive field goes through drastic seasonal changes, with everything from bluebonnets in the spring, lush green grass in the summer, and wispy golden grass in the fall and winter. This place can get extremely crowded, but with so many great spots and a big, open lake, there's always a chance to find some seclusion (also the magic of editing will make you seem alone in the park). 

Southwest Greenway